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(An archive on Assam and Assamese literature and culture)

Welcome to the Web-Site of Xophura(সঁফুৰা) , the electronic archive on Assam, and Assamese culture and literature. Assam, a state in the North-Eastern part of India has a rich socio-literary heritage being the melting pot of the cultures of the people of Mongoloid origin which dominates the rest of the North-Eastern states in India and the cultures of the people of Aryan origin which dominates the Northern India.  Here, the effort is on to build up an archive to reflect and preserve this vast socio-literary heritage.


the state language of Assam originating from Sanskrit, the ancient North Indian Language was initially the Lingua Franca of the various tribes in and around Assam. Slowly the tribes in the valley of the mighty river Brahmaputra adopted this language, contributing a rich collection of vocabulary from their own . Today only a few of these tribal languages are in use. Assam can boast of the oldest writings in prose in the whole North India, Katha Geeta, Assamese version of the holy book, The Geeta .

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Resources for digitized Assamese writing

PUTHIBHORAL, the library

We are putting up a collection of digitized Assamese literature in this site. Some of the writing have been scanned and some typed in. Please visit the following catagories to read them.

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