24 June 2001, Helena, MT, USA

Puthibhoral Links:
We are starting this new section as a medium of interaction with our visitors. Here we shall discuss with you our plans as well as your suggestions. It will also act like magazine devoted to Assam, Assamese literature and its culture. So, please send us your writings and images having relevance to our theme. If found suitable, we shall be quite happy to publish them under this section. They can be written in Assamese (preferably with Adarsha Ratne Font) or in English. Your contributions should be sent to

This week, as in our last editions we have got some more FOKORA-JUJONA. Also this time we have compiled some of the XANTHORs we learnt during our childhood in Assamese.

In Puthibhoral section you can see the FOKORA-JUJONA and BIHU-GEET published earlier in Soraghor. Also we added few nursery rhymes from the book Axomiya Umola Geet By Dr. Nirmalprobha Bordoloi.

What we have to say:

Xophura has now crossed its two years of its existence in the world wide web. During this time we have also seen the high growth of Assamese community in this arena. Till now we have got only few hundred hits in our home page. May be its nothing considerable over the internet, but its worth our every effort to keep moving towards our goal. Often we get mails from our visitors praising our efforts and they really add lots of steam to our engines. Most of the times we failed to reply to these mails and we take this opportunity to thank all of you for your words of encouragement. We have been moving to different places on our professional duties and that's a major hurdle we face to keep this site updated.

Initially we tried to scan the books and preserve them as images. However the effort of scanning them and then editing them is a tough task. Also the paper-quality of Assamese books and the difficulty of carrying the scanner along with us to different places has made this option near impossible. Recently we switched to typing out the books using Adarsha Ratne Font.

To keep something new for our visitors every time they visit, we are now maintaining a routine uploading schedule in every weekend. So keep visiting every week and there should be something new in store for you. We will try our best to keep this routine up.

Fokora Jujona:

Fokora Jujona or the Assamese proverbs are very much part of our Assamese culture. However, they are slowly getting out of our day-to-day use and are slowly getting confined to the high school text books. Here in Xophura, we have compiled a few of them and they will be regularly published at Soraghor. We are in the process compiling the explanations of these proverbs. You can send us the explanations to these proverbs for publishing out here.


Xanthors or the puzzles in Assamese are a source of fun and knowledge for the Assamese children. Learning new Xanthors from the elders and putting them before the friends or classmates or cracking new Xanthors put by friend has been a way to prove the mental superiority for the young ones.